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Stone supply and haulage for Agriculture in Mid Wales.

We can provide stone supply and haulage to agricultural clients in Powys and Mid Wales and throughout the UK. We provide a range of stone and other materials for agricultural use including:

We can also provide a lime spreading service. Lime spreading is vital as it neutralizes the acidity of the soil, without which fertilizers and other chemical products may be ineffective. We will measure the soil ph and then apply the correct amount of lime in order to neutralize and therefore improve the soil. This is essential for land used for growing crops or grazing livestock.

Since establishing in 1988, we have worked with many farmers, both locally in Powys and Mid Wales and further afield. Our agricultural clients often know exactly what they want, and we can provide this. However, we can also offer advice and guidance on different types of stone if required.

We understand farmers are busy, so we endeavor to supply and deliver stone as quickly as possible and at a time convenient for the client. We always put our clients first and ensure our delivery schedule meets their needs. It is this high level of customer care that means we are considered among the best stone suppliers in Mid Wales.